Too Expensive to Own A Home in City? Consider Outskirts Houses


September 06, 2017

Too Expensive to Own A Home in City? Consider Outskirts Houses

Reaching a new milestone in your life where you are planning to have a family and have to buy a house in Malaysia on your own? Are you considering in buying houses in the city because the city provides more job opportunities and it is nearer to most offices? 

But buying a house in the city in Malaysia is too expensive and you cannot afford it yet because it is way out of your budget. Fret not, this article will guide you through the reasons of purchasing outskirts houses in Malaysia and that can be quite a good option too for first time home buyers.

A) Bigger and cheaper homes

First of all, drop that misconception of the outskirts areas are less developed. Most houses in the outskirts in Malaysia are cheaper and bigger in size as compared to houses in the cities. The accessibility, facilities and job opportunities might not be as great as those in the big cities, and they are the reasons that houses in the outskirts areas in Malaysia are cheaper than those in the cities. 

Although not as great, they are considered decent and definitely affordable, especially for young adults. With the same price as a condominium in the city, you get to buy a landed property with bigger size in the outskirts, this is considered a great bargain. That being said, with cheaper house in the outskirts area and if you do not mind the longer commute session available out there, houses in the outskirt areas are not bad at all.

 B) Positive Home Value Projection

In addition, buying a house in the outskirts in Malaysia brings a positive home value projection. Although the achievement of the status of ‘city’ from a small town is unknown yet, the developments around the outskirts area is a permissible indicator of the direction to being a city. 

As we know that the government has many upcoming projects in building highways or public transportation such as MRT, these are the success factor that increase a positive value on the properties around the area. Opening of new shopping malls and chain restaurants in the outskirts are also aiding the increase of property values in the area. 

Although it takes time, houses in the outskirts are the next big thing and it will be a great investment if you were to sell off your property and move to the city one day. Get a professional valuators to determine your property values and worth, at the same time, gain knowledge on how much loan you will be able to secure from the bank loan and determine your property’s value in the future when you want to sell.

C) Lower Living Cost

Moreover, you will have and maintain a lower cost of living as compared to living in big city. Cost of rent is relatively low as compared to the cost of rent in the city, hence, lower charge and cheaper price for food and groceries, but only applicable to businesses that are self owned. 

Franchises and chain restaurants would remain the same. In addition, with lesser cafes, restaurants, cinemas and shopping malls, your cost of living in the outskirts is definitely going to be much lesser than your cost of living in the cities

Do not be surprised if you find out that you manage to lower up to 50% of your cost of living when you are staying in the outskirts area. With lesser attractions, you might even be able to save some extra dollars while staying in the outskirts.

D) Bigger Living Space

Lastly, staying in the outskirts area results in a less cramped living condition, or bigger living space. Houses in the outskirts in Malaysia typically have bigger rooms, balcony or even a garden for you to enjoy the bigger space as compared to houses in the cities. 

Moreover, with lesser buildings, lesser shopping malls, lesser entertainment, lesser highways, or anything that you could easily find in big cities, are the reasons that lead to a less cramped living. Therefore, you would face with lesser traffic jams as compared to living in the big cities if you are staying in the outskirts area. With a smaller population in the outskirts, moving around or getting from one place to another will never be a major problem.

No doubt that living in big cities sounds more attractive than living in the outskirts, with the entertainment and easy accessibility available out there, especially for young adults, it is pretty hard to be convinced to buy a house in the outskirts in Malaysia. 

However, think of it as a long term investment and how much the value of your property will appreciate in the next 5 years. It is definitely going to be worth it. 

Furthermore, buying a house in the outskirt is going to be much more affordable as compared to buying a house in the city area. So do take some time off to consider buying a house in the outskirts. After all, you can still buy a house in the city if one day you decide to sell off your house in the outskirts.

You have other options now ^_^


  1. Betul tu. Rumah luar bandar ni memang akan lebih murah dan lagi besar dari rumah di bandar. Kwn Ana br beli rumah under Selangorku dpt rumah 2 tgkt pada harga RM200k++ je. Compare dengan rumah teres setingkat dkt tempat ana ni sekali ganda beza dia.

    1. Kannnn! Jauh beza harga rumah. Kat area rumah siqah sekarang usah kata lah. Apartment yang Siqah sewa sekarang pun, harga dah almost RM300k 😭

  2. Baru je berborak dgn hafifi pasal nak beli rumah ourskirts as investment . Tapi kena tgk jugak lah kalau outskirts area ada ke org nak sewa or kita bleh buat as homestay. Sebab atas tue senmua btul la tue, outskirts cost of living rendah if compare in the city.


    good info after all =)

    1. Haah kena tengok jugak area outskirts yang ramai orang kan. Baru good value for money.

  3. abah Hana beli rumah kat outskirts of Kota Bharu, dalam 30 minit nak ke KB. alhamdulillah selesa aje tinggal kat sini even jauh dari bandar. kat sini lagi tenang pastu rasa lebih selamat. takleh bayang hidup kat bandar dengan sibuk yg tak sudah sudah tu :)

    1. 30 minit kira okay jugak kan. Takdelah jauh sangat dari bandar. Siqah pun lagi prefer nanti dah tua duduk kampung. Tak minat duk bandar nanye 😊


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